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    Abyss Rising's TCG exclusives are largely terrible, with the notable exception of Abyss Dweller, which is actually pretty good (though Genex Sea Emperor Mermail will likely run Snowdust Giant instead anyway). I really like all of the WATER-exclusive rank 4 Xyzs, actually; Snowdust Giant, Bahamut Shark, and this are all strong candidates for that single bullet rank 4 slot in GSEM. (Comparatively, rank 3s are more important because of Atlantean Marksman and the ease of leftover Undines and or Abysslindes, but.)

    Cosmo Blazer, however, has a variety of nice things, including the potentially-good-but-bad-right-now Heraldic Beasts, the very interesting Haze Beasts, the Flaming Star archetype (which I've brewed but I feel to be only okay), and Pyrorex the Elemental Lord; most of the additional Mermail support is pretty terrible though ... Abyss-Cetus might be playable as a singleton.

    Of some competitive interest also is Orbital 7, which serves as a brilliant Machine Duplication target to use to make a 3-material Xyz with (free stuff is always cool). My friend pointed this card out to me (I'd previously overlooked it) and it is actually very nice; you can make Radiant Photon Paradios with it too! (And we all know how good that is ...) Something might be brewed with this card and Cyber Valley in the near(?) future (with Lightray Sorcerer too, perhaps).


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