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A black out/white is a "game over," even if there are Pokémon left in the PC.
You must change the battle style to SET.
You may not use/catch legendary Pokémon.

EDIT: Also my first update before I head over to class!

The Story
So I scrolled too fast through Oak's opening lecture, and I ended up selecting the male protagonist. Looks like this will be the first time I play as a boy! So my name is Nick, and my rival is Tony. I pick Charmander and named him Antonio, only to realize that I basically named him the same as my rival. This didn't go over well with Tony, and he challenged me to a battle. Still, Antonio defeated his Squirtle and I was on my way.

Together, Antonio and I battled through Route 1 and delivered a package to Oak from Viridian City. Somehow the PokeMart clerk could tell I was from Pallet just by looking at me. Not creepy at all. By the time all this was over, Antonio was Lv8. On Route 2, we encountered and captured a Lv4 Rattata. Lil P, as he is now known, adjusted well to being on our team. In Viridian Forest, a Caterpie known as Drizzle joined our forces.

We battled through many Bug Catchers and made our way to Pewter City. It was intimidating, though, knowing about Brock's specialty and Antonio's weakness. We decided to head back and train some more, and then we realized we had completely skipped over Route 22. We headed deeper into Route 22 trying to train and find some Pokemon when Tony showed up! Needless to say, we weren't completely prepared, but we were still able to take out his Pokemon. Strange, though, was that he had his Squirtle from before. I always wondered how some Trainers were able to keep their Pokemon from dying in battle.

After that encounter was over, we came upon a wild Mankey! Luckily we caught The Man; he would be perfect for taking out Brock. Still, there was more training to be done, as no risks would be taken, especially during Gym battles. After a bit of grinding, we decided to call for a break.

The Team (so far)
Antonio the Charmeleon Lv16
Lil P the Rattata Lv12
Drizzle the Metapod Lv7
The Man the Mankey Lv10