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Originally Posted by Seraphimon-sama View Post
Name (Username or Nickname): Seraphimon-sama/Kuchiki-taicho
Partner Rodent: Emolga
Partner’s nickname: Minazuki
Why do you like electric rodents?: Because they are so cute.
Answer to the topic : I believe that Emolga is the cutest Electric rodent.
Welcome to the club Kuchiki-taicho!!
gotta agree that emologa is the cutest rodent

Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
I joined the last club so it's fitting I join this one.

Name (Username or Nickname): Hikari (call me that)
Partner Rodent: Emolga
Partner’s nickname: Emily
Why do you like electric rodents?: Cos they are so adorable!
Answer to the topic: Definitely Emolga, given its personality in the anime. I just totally loved Iris's Emolga doing all those cute faces!
haaai and welcome to the club hikari~
cute nickname of ur emologa <3 <3
gotta agree about emologa in the anime <3 <3 it is sooooooo cute in the anime

i'll make a new topic later after more members join till then post pics of electric rodents