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Originally Posted by PokeChallenger View Post
Hello Everybody. I have come to challenge some of the Pokemon challenges that are posted on this website. I hope that their may be some interesting challenges. Challenges that would actually give someone a challenge. I have completed a lot of challenges in my lifetime. Some challenges are the multiple Nuzlocke challenges, Solo challenges, Duo Challenges, Triple Challenges, MonoType Challenges, MonoEgg Group Challenges and MonoColor Challenges. I do believe that some of these challenges could interesting and fun to play, not to mention CHALLENGING. I am the PokeChallenger.
Hello PokeChallenger, welcome to PC.

Given your username, I can tell you are the kind that loves challenges. We actually have a Challenges forum if you're interested, but feel free to check out some other sections too. We always like having diversity.

Also, do you have any favorite Pokemon, favorite characters etc? We'd like to know more about yourself!

Enjoy your stay, and I wish you good luck in your challenges. Feel free to VM me anytime!

- Hikari10
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