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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    Thanks to Pokemon Special a lot of people are in support that Kris got renamed like "Gold" did. In Special Kris is Lyra and there are a lot of noticible similarities between the two with how similar their clothes are (Not very close but its similar enough to warrent support) and that they have nearly identical hair styles.

    Since both May and Brendan were core characters to the beginning of the generation I don't think we'll see them replaced.

    Kris, Lyra, and Leaf are add in characters that don't exist in the originals. (possibly why Kris would get the rename and wardrobe change)
    I used to think that but according to Lyra's bulbapedia page the one who came up with her said he made her from scratch...

    Yeah it'll be too weird if they did drop either of the two considering how iconic they are to us.

    So does anyone think the remakes will have PwT seeing how since they are in the past it could've been the last tournament before the Unova one (which might explain why Iris is missing if they do plan to copy and Paste...well if it's 3D than they'll have to update it's design at least...).
    I hope they add something to Shoal cave beyond just getting Snorunt and the bell ingredients.
    Also does anyone expect any dex changes? Hoenn's and Kanto's have so far been the only one's never changed (with Kanto always having the original 151).
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