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Here's Mine: Mine takes place in the Hoenn Region 20 years later. May is the new professor of the region.

Cam: Psychic type-
Exeggutor lv 46
Xatu lv 47
Slowbro lv 46
Slowking lv 46
Medicham lv 48

Roxanne: Rock type-
Golem lv 47
Rhydon lv 46
Aggron lv 47
Bastidon lv 47
Probopass lv 50

Collin: Electric type-
Electivire lv 48
Rotom lv 47
Zebstrika lv 49
Electrode lv 49
Manectric lv 51

Penny: Bug type-
Vespiquen lv 49
Heracross lv 48
Yanmega lv 50
Butterfree lv 50
Volcarona lv 53

Champion May- Yes the professor also doubles as the Champion-
Wailord lv 55
Camerupt lv 55
Swellow lv 55
Sceptile lv 58
Blaziken lv 58
Swampert lv 58

A Pokemon that is discriminated!
Support squirtle and make it everyone's favourite.