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    Mehhhhhh I've done this challenge before, but I'm looking for something nice and easy.

    Username: Myrrhman/A
    Team: Nidoking/Starmie
    Games: We'll go Red/Silver/Ruby/Platinum/(Shucks, don't know 5th yet because I still don't have a working ROM)

    Aaaaand first update:

    -did beginning stuff, chose squirtle, beat rival, etc.
    -caught Yin the Nidoking, and a hacked in Staryu (that I forgot to name Yang), as well as a Spearow
    -Beat Brock
    -Yin evolved into Nidorino!
    -Staryu learned Water Gun
    -Yin evolved into Nidoking!
    -Taught Yin Mega Punch
    -Yin learned Thrash
    -Beat rival
    -Beat Misty
    -Taught Staryu Bubblebeam
    -Traded Spearow for Farfetch'd
    -Taught Nidoking Body Slam
    -Beat rival
    -Taught Farfetch'd Cut
    -Beat Lt. Surge
    -Taught Staryu Thunderbolt
    -Accidentally taught Staryu Recover over Bubblebeam instead of Harden.
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