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Okay, updated everything, seems like a missed a lot.

Fire-Type Pokemon Of The Month:

November's "Fire-Type Pokemon Of The Month" is now going to start. You have exactly 7 days to send in your vote.


-Alt accounts are absolutely NOT allowed.
-You cannot pick Typhlosion as it has been the last Fire-Type Pokemon Of The Month.
-Voting will end at 5:59 PM English Time on the 13th November.
-No protesting or arguing.
-Votes must be sent to me through PM. If someone had done it any other way, their vote will not be counted.

On The Current Topic: Fire/Fire Type! Fire/Flying Type because Fire/Flying is a really good Type combination, and they only used it on Charizard so far. But they really should increase a Fire/Flying Pokemon's Defense by a lot, or else it will easily faint from a Rock-Type Attack.