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    No I think the PWT will be a B2W2 exclusive. Like how the original Contests and Secret Bases were exclusive to R/S, how Super Contests were exclusive to D/P/Pt, and how the Pokethon was Exclusive to HG/SS. R/S/E already has the Battle Frontier that they can play around with. They'd most likely just improve on that.

    Originally Posted by RandomDSdevel View Post
    Why did they replace Kris? I liked her sprite; it looked cool.
    She wasn't the original Character. If you believe that Lyra is Kris like a few in the fandom do, then she just got renamed like Gold did when they started calling him Ethan in HG/SS. If you believe that Kris and Lyra are two different people, then its because Kris isn't the original character from Generation 2. She was a supplemented character to give the players a female choice. Thus making Lyra and Kris the same as Leaf, an unimportant character created for the sake of adding a female role to a game that didn't originally have one.