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"That's the first time I've had that... It was pretty good though..." Dusk said and closed his eyes and seemed to relax.

Arla was a bit shocked to see that he had finished his meal even before she had started hers. She sat down on the opposite side of the kitchen table and ate her pancakes, watching the young man. Or older teenager. She wasn't sure of what she thought he was. Anyways, she couldn't sit here all day. She pushed her plate away and leaned over the table slightly, trying to look into his eyes with a determined face.

"Hey, I didn't just invite you and feed you for nothing. I want you to show me how you turn into a pokémon again. Does a real pokémon live inside that? Have you ever seen more of those?"

What it boiled down to was of course that she wanted a crystal like that for herself. It would be awesome if she could turn into a pokémon! Or pokégirl or what it really was. She knew she might come across as a bit overwhelming, so as if to soften that, she pushed the plate with her last pancake over to Dusk, offering it to him.
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