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    Hmm... *deep in thought*
    Interesting, interesting. houndoom is one of my favourite pokemon from the cartoon, and ninetails is one of my favourite shiny pokemon, yet arcanine has a very special place in my heart.

    Most people have been saying that houndoom has an advantage by crunch. This is not the case as neither ninetails or arcanince are especially susceptible to dark moves (and a breeder would know that breeding houndoom with crunch and arcanine bears a Growlithe with crunch! :D)

    Looking at the stats in the post above, it seems like the competition is down to arcanine and ninetails.

    Arcanine has a definitively lower (-10) speed, and far inferior (-40) SpD. SpA, even though it is much higher won't necessarily help due to Ninetails' Flash Fire ability, so yes. Arcanine loses in a firefight with Ninetails..
    Is this the end for the swift and majestic lord of the plains?
    Will the quick brown fox indeed jump over the lazy dog?
    it appears to be so

    How is everyone overlooking two of Arcanines superior stats?

    I would like to point out a ridiculous 320hp (+36)
    and whats this!? 225 attack! (+68!)

    Hmm.. it appears everyone has forgotten Extremespeed?
    Woops, it also appears that the previous poster made a Booboo. Look at the defence stat again
    Arcanine clearly has 10 MORE defence than Ninetails, not LESS.

    What we have established statistically thus far:

    Health: Arcanine
    Attack: Arcanine
    Defence: Arcanine
    Speed: Arcanine (due to extremespeed)
    SpDef: Arcanine
    SpAtk: Ninetails (but who cares. arcanines SpD and HP can tank it)

    My strategy would be to breed a level 59 Houndoom male (for crunch) with a similarly levelled Arcanine female. The resulting Arcanine, once levelled to 100 would have crunch, (making the "houndoom has crunch" argument invalid), and using extremespeed constantly, would easily be able to crush Ninetails (invalidating any other arguments against Arcanine).

    I made an account JUST to spell all this out for you guys, i hope this is sufficient proof that Arcanine is God.