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I wouldn't particularly mind if we only had the guard at night time, I was expecting they'd only give us a guard from like 4-8pm or something, but he ordered them from open to close so I was stoked with that!

The reason we were held up was that the gas station that my store is attached to is closed for two months so that the gas tanks can be excavated and replaced. All the outdoor lighting is in the gas station and it had to be shut off, so we were basically sitting there alone in the dark waiting to be held up, because there are no other businesses in the vicinity.

So long story short, we only have the security guards til the Shell re-opens, it's not forever .

Your store sounds ridiculous though... it's been held up so many times, and each time you only get two weeks of security? They have to know this is going to keep happening, they need to start working out some more permanent deterrent.

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