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    Um. So I'm writing this as I play the demo.

    -First, before playing it, you say an "undiscovered region." If it's undiscovered, and this is all from assumption given your screen shots, why are there civilized people other than Oak and his family. On another note, after starting, why are there houses already established as well as routes and even an entire Pokemon League?
    -The intro is eerily similar to the ones in maybe all versions of essentials.
    -Your mother says nothing after she tells you to go to the lab. IMO, that's terrible parenting. "Here kid. Go to some old man's house, get some weird animal in a ball and go explore this undiscovered region!"
    -When you try to leave town, the path out of the town seems wide. The maps are all too linear. Also, when talking to the guy who prevents you from leaving town, the event loops and the game crashes.
    -The graphics don't seem original but if almost everything else is(like story line, characters, etc), that won't matter.
    -Oak appears in this game. That in and of itself is not a problem. However, his grandson(Gary/Blue) is mentioned and you get to name him. For me, at least, that's awkward, considering Blue is an already established character from the previous generations. If you explain how he ties into everything, that may clear up a thing or two.
    -The route as well as Seaslocke town once again are too linear.
    -In Seaslocke Town, I can't enter houses. For now, though, it's not a major issue. Also, in the Pokemart, you can't talk to the clerk. You can't walk up to the counter. You probably did not set the right allowances for the tiles or probably used the wrong blank tile to erase something.
    -Sorry, but I didn't enjoy the demo. You pretty much displayed the basic features that can be found in essentials. You didn't give me enough of a demo to actually want to see the next release.

    Criticism on the Post itself
    -You gave us no story.
    -If we assume your little paragraph is a "story," it will only attract sadists who want to secretly laugh at your game but also people who may want to help.
    -Pertaining to the paragraph itself, why would oak suddenly get up and move the entire operation of his lab to some unknown land?
    -You say you can catch all 649 pokemon in this game? 649 is a lot. Since this is a fan game, there really isn't a need for the inclusion of all 649 pokemon but if you're up to it, it's fine.
    -Idk if I mentioned this before but you only showed us basic features of essentials. Look back at the test maps to get an idea of what more you can do with the kit.
    That's all I really have the attention span to say.
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