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    Elise Vivian Molyneux
    Elise flashed a quick smile in the poorly lit cave as Krissu pulled out a potion and shook it violently. She wasn’t quite sure what the other girl was planning to do with it, but it quickly dawned on her as the potion radiated light like a torch. Elise had to admit, Alchemists had a few more uses than she had given them credit for. This girl was getting pretty helpful to have around. It would be interesting to see how she was in a fight, but so far, Elise didn’t mind her presence like most party members she had in the past.

    They continued on in silence for a few minutes, Elise could hardly see anything outside the light from Krissu’s potion. Was that the potion’s sole purpose? Or did it have other benefits? Elise decided to ask Krissu about it later if she had a chance. A noise straight ahead perked her ears and attention, something faint, but unmistakable, voices. “Crap,” Elise said under her breath, hopefully low enough so Krissu hadn’t heard her displeasure at running into others. The last thing she wanted was to make a bigger party. Outside of bosses, big parties always got messy and dramatic. People always wanting to go do something different, people fighting over drops, people of different levels and abilities. Usually, it was a big headache.

    "Sounds like people down there. Human voices. Don't you think?" Krissu gestured to Elise, into the thicker darkness in front of them. "Normally it could be fun to meet up with some other players. But we're not here to find people now. We're looking for plants.”

    Elise was happy to hear her say that, not so much the “normally it could be fun” part, but the part about staying focused and finding plants was one she jumped at.

    “So let's go... in here?" Kissu looked at Elise. Just ahead of them, to the left, was a path leading off from the main cave. It looked about as good as any option that had presented itself so far, definitely better than running into the group ahead of them.

    “I agree, the others might slow us down anyway. Looks like as good a path as any, I say let’s do it.” They took the path away from the others, Elise had no idea where this was taking them. Usually taking the way off the beaten path was encouraged in MMOs and RPGs, but it was a little more disconcerting when the stakes were considerably higher. “Just, uh, keep shaking that little juju bottle of yours.” She turned to Krissu and started walking down the path backwards so she could face her. Elise wasn’t exactly the best conversationalist, but she did try to speak with others occasionally. She was at a loss for words right now however.

    The path was a lot longer than expected, a few minutes passed and still no deviations or larger inner chamber presented itself. Again a noise caught her attention and Elise spun right around to face it. Diving for cover behind a jutting rock from the cave’s wall, it looked like a spawn of Goblin Miners had made a sort of makeshift camp in the middle of the hall. No matter what, if they wanted to keep going, they would have to get past them. The last time Elise had tried to sneak past Goblins, it didn’t end to well. She shuddered at the recollection. No, they would have to fight these. After a quick tally, it looked to be about five of them, all huddled around a central location doing who knows what in the dark.

    Elise leaned over and whispered softly into Krissu’s right ear. “Ok, we have to fight these guys,” she said bluntly, her face suddenly taking on a more serious look than she had shown in front of Krissu before. “If anything happens, teleport, don’t wait. I’ll most likely be right behind you, ok?” Without a further word, she spontaneously leapt from behind the rock and rushed toward the Goblins. Before, when it was just herself, five would have been far too many to handle, with Krissu, if she was any good, it shouldn’t be a problem.

    Her speed skill carried her towards the Goblins at a breakneck pace, her legs moving ferociously underneath her. It hadn’t been too long ago, that such a notion was but a dream. She smiled at the thought as she distanced herself from the illumination of Krissu’s potion and shared the same faint light as the Goblins. Unsheathing her sword, she held her shield in front of her and activated a sword skill as she lunged into the air towards the lead Goblin. [Shield Bash] Her shield came down with a sickening thud on its head and slashed with her sword across its belly. The enemy’s health bar dropped to about a quarter of its full status as the others turned to face their new assailant and join the fight.
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