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Originally Posted by The Shadow View Post
I just want to say...that you have sooo many Pokemon. (but you already knew that xD)

It's awesome what you guys do though (shiny giveaways and such).

Ok, tomorrow I would like to get a shiny. There's so many to choose from that It'll take me a while just to look at them all. xD
Let me know when chose what you want
Originally Posted by Bone View Post
What would you like for: shiny oshawott lv.1 (night slash & air slash)

Also, could I get a shiny mewtwo for your giveaway? I'd also like to pickup my shiny Shaymin at your earliest convenience.
hmm you can have the oshawott for free and sure
Originally Posted by Ghost Tamer Tommy View Post
Can i request a shiny modest larvesta?
What can you offer me for it?
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