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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
If you think about it, 3rd and 4th Gens' battle frontiers are both fundamentally different so each has an exclusive right in each game. While the names of the full frontier are the same, the actual facilities minus the Tower, are different.
And the Battle Factory (don't forget the battle factory).
It would be nice if the PWT was added into the dome as a different layer challenge. One stage we can battle the normal trainers than the fb for our symbol, the other we battle the gym leaders, and champions...maybe even the E4.
Also I think the unique thing of BWB2W2 is the Subway...that I can't see them adding to Hoenn in anyway. (ps the super contests were simply enhanced contests). Speaking of contests do you think the dress up section will be added into Hoenn's but the appeal system stays the same as the original games (with combo's and such).
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