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Dante FareFyre, Floor 5

The clouds continued to roll through the sky of the fifth floor as Dante awaited Sona’s reply. Ah what a marvellous day, he thought to himself as he pressed his back hard against the back of the bent and lent over more. Crunch, crack, crunch were the noises his back made as he lent back as far as possible. Oh I love how they even added the sound effects of cracking your back into this game. Beep Beep. Hearing the noise Dante blindly swiped his hand in the air, hitting the Open Message button.
New Message!
From: Sona
Subject: Miss you <3

She added a heart to the subject, how cute of you Sona, thought Dante as he began reading the rest of the message.

Oh Dante! I’m on my way. I’ll see you soon handsome. Sooo excited to see you! X <3

A smile crept onto his face as he closed the message and sat back up. She should only take a few minutes to get here now that she’s replied to my message. Looking towards the portal in hope Sona would teleport to him straight away he saw a girl about his age who was wearing a red cape and knee high boots which contrasted her snow white skin, slowly spin around in a circle. She looks a little nervous, must be her first time on this floor. Once again leaning back in the bench he began to watch the clouds roll past again.

It’s been a few minutes now, wonder if she’s here yet, Dante thought as he lent forward and looked towards the portal again, only to see the same white skinned girl standing only a few steps away from where she originally was, looking at him. He gave her a gentle smile and returned to his reclined position. Oh Sona, why are you taking so long? Hearing approaching footsteps he sat back up, only to see the same white skin girl walk towards him and take the empty spot next to him on the bench and sigh.

“Hello my fair lady.” Greeted Dante turning towards the girl, meeting her eyes as she turned towards him. With another gentle smile he locked their eye contact as she began to open her mouth.
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