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    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    Arceus is in the order that types are defined in types.txt.

    Genesect does follow Bulbapedia like Kyurem does.

    EDIT: Once again I've had to post this and then edit it just so I can attach a file. I swear that's a bug with the forum.

    Anyway, I've attached a pokemon.txt file containing only the Gen 5 Pokémon. All the information is complete and accurate, except for the battler sprite heights - they're the only things you need to edit.

    I've also attached a Gen 5-compatible version of tm.txt. It's identical to the one currently in Essentials, except it also has the Gen 5 Pokémon in it.

    Hopefully that helps.
    The TM/HM file isn't the same that I send you?

    How/Why you made the pokemon G5.txt if there are already some?

    EDIT: I can attach files clicking on attach icon: