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“Aquos! Water Pulse” a pause “Quintus! Thunder Wave”

Zayne had been waiting for this moment with bated breath. The seconds had felt like hours but now the moment was finally upon him. He turned, diving to the side as he did so, and saw a familiar looking trainer along with an Alakazam and, unsurprisingly, a Golduck. The latter two were launching the aforementioned attacks at him, but that didn't matter. It couldn't matter....

“Now!” Zayne screamed as he hit the ground. Responding to his call Lucario darted into the fray from behind Zayne’s attackers launching a powerful Dark Pulse at the Alakazam. Simultaneously Sceptile launched itself from the branches above knocking the other trainer over with his tail and landing behind the Golduck. He grabbed the smaller pokemon with his left arm placing his right at the Duck pokemon’s throat with a Leaf Blade primed and ready.
Zayne pushed himself off the ground and just looked at the situation in front of him for a while before finally speaking, his voice soft but cold,
“I’m going to give you a chance to return your pokemon and walk away. I don’t want to hurt you or your friends but I’ll go as far as killing you if it means keeping my pokemon safe” he hated himself for what he was implying, for what he knew he would do to protect his companions.
“Return your pokemon, turn around and leave and nobody has to get hurt”. He fought to keep the plea in that statement from being heard.

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