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Silver. He not only has nostalgia behind him for me, but the stronger reason is that he was just the more interesting and better characterised character.

Sure, Barry at least was entertaining in his hyperactive nature. He also offered (as did his mum) much humour when called 'COFFEE!' (eg rival's mother asking you to find her COFFEE! for her). And he had lovely battle music as well coupled with an entertaining trainer sprite animation (barry dance, or rather him just running weirdly).

But Silver was the guy you liked to hate. He had some story behind him beyond wanting to fine you a million pokeyen, running into things and having a father who...also ran into things and was at the BF. (Try Giovanni - a much more interesting father for a character to have imo!). He brought in interesting things like stealing Pokemon (repeatedly), and having character development as the game progressed (Barry meanwhile maybe got a thicker skull and that's it). And even with music Silver imo matched Barry there.

So yeah, easy question for myself. =p
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