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So Msn and Skype are seemingly going to be merged. Discuss!

Personally, I hate this. I really don't like Skype's interface - although I do use it anyway for offline friends - and I have a load of Msn contacts who don't use Skype at all. On the non-selfish side of things though I guess it... sort of makes sense to merge them although it's weird that they'd do it when normal WLM is plastered with money-making adverts and, iirc, a new WLM version was just released. Although I could be wrong at that last part since I don't use WLM because I dislike it even more than Skype. d:

edit: I could have misunderstood, looking back. It kinda seems like Msn contacts are simply available to talk to on Skype but WLM is staying put as an alternative? If that's the case then it makes much more sense but... could be wrong here.
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