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Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89
HeartGold and SoulSilver, on the other hand, I did not like. They killed the music. And the semi-3D perspective made it feel just one step too different. I did not get any nostalgia from it, which is very important with a remake I think.
Crazy Town, population you. HGSS were lousy with nostalgia! I agree that nostalgia is why you play a game remake, and HGSS hit the mark and just kept hitting it until it bled all over the carpet.

As for game remakes in general, I think they're the one media format where remakes are always a good thing. Movie and TV-show remakes are always dicey and rarely work out, but video games are different in that usually it's the same game but with modern-day enhancements to graphics and sound that enable you to play the game you always loved without having to gripe about how bad games were in the yesteryear.
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