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Originally Posted by manutdrule View Post
there should have been a nomination for HotQ thread before the actual HotQ thread itself, the three hacks chosen imo arent fantastic (compared to some very well-made ones in the past HotQ) and MANY other quality hacks like dark rising/hyetology have been omitted, why?

Would the person who narrowed down this three care to even explain the process of nomination? or is it just some "lets pick 3 random ones that i see from progressing and put them up?"

Cos honestly furious flames shldnt even be there in the first place, its more of a edit in the vein of Blaze black/volt white then an actual hack with general overhaul of events and scripts in the game.
Exactly my point. I know pokecommunity is not as crowded in the rom hacking section as it once was, but the amount of views and replies for this thread after 4-5 days is not even close to the amount the first quarter hacks had within 4-5 days of their thread. this shows the lack of interest in the nominated hacks.

will the people who picked the 3 hacks nominated respond with an explaination for the community please?