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Thread Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplay: Pokemon: The Walking Dead by Pppgggr
While I'm not in this RP, I have to say that it is well-made from what I'd read from the OOC. It used the Pokerus as well as a lot of Pokemon-themed aspects to explain why the epidemic occurred and did so in a proper fashion.

Best Veteran Roleplay: Pokemon Fallout by PkMnTrainer Yellow
I am involved in this RP, and it has been an enjoyable experience so far. Once it's my turn to post I am quick to do so. Marin created a masterpiece with this RP, and it deserves the players that it contains. It's an original idea (I've never seen anything like it) combining Pokemon with a post-apocolyptic survival theme in which Humans are fused with the spirits of once-passed Pokemon.

Most Original Roleplay: Supervegeta
Supervegeta is my favorite RP because it questions the boundaries of religion and moderation by asserting itself as a higher entity. It's very fun to be in Supervegeta and anyone who's ever been in it knows that it is simply a great thing, even if it tends to be full of itself from time to time. We all love it and must live under it's shadow until our skins are whiter than chalk. And yes, his vote count is over 9000.

Member Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplayer: ―――――
The best roleplayer who has joined the Roleplay Corner this or last month (after the 1st of September). The winner will receive a new emblem and bragging rights.

Most Improved Roleplayer: ShinyDiamond
I've known and Roleplayed with Dia very early on, right around where I started RPing here at PC, back at my Zerin account. While he may not use the extensive vocabulary I've seen from some other players, he is definitely improving at an exponential rate and I've noticed this recently, so I think he deserves this award for the large amount of self-improvement he's shown lately.

Best Game Master: PkMnTrainer Yellow
I /have/ to give this vote to Marin. Her work on PTA and Fallout shows her dedication and persistence and she's put forth so much effort in her GMing that it's almost destroyed her muse entirely. I've seen some good GMs, but none of them compare to Marin and her 'working-to-the-bone' attitude when it comes to Game Mastering.

Best Sign-Up Writer: NightOfRemorse
This was not an easy decision to make, because I've seen many interesting characters all over the place, but NightOfRemorse's characters seem to have that perfect attitude to make all character interactions interesting. Sarcasm, witty remarks and snobby attitudes are well within my sense of humor.

Most Helpful Player: PkMnTrainer Yellow
While Marin may have an edge with my votes, since we're in three of the same roleplays and talk often, I believe PC's own "Mommy Dearest" deserves the "Most Helpful" award. She's adopted more RPers than you can hold in four hands (Insert Machamp Joke here) and also helps in many RP and Pokemon arguments as well as aid those in her Roleplays. I think our "Good Samaritan" is Marin, plain and simple.

Best Roleplayer: PkMnTrainer Yellow
Oof, way to give the hard question last. It's such a tough decision, but... I think I have to give it to Marin as well, mainly because of most of the reasons I'd given already with the other votes. She's fun to be around, to Roleplay with, and is generally all-around great.