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I decided against trading over any eggs from Black, mainly because I'm too lazy to breed...
I downloaded Genesect and made short work of Cheren with him, then boxed him forever mwahahahahaha!

Name: Sakura
Location: Virbank Complex

Kotoha - Snivy - F - Level 19
Leaf Tornado, Growth, Tackle, Leech Seed

Zack - Riolu - M - Level 15
Return, Quick Attack, Force Palm, Endure

Laxus - Elekid - M - Level 19
Shockwave, Quick Attack, Swift, Low Kick

I'm putting off evolving Kotoha for a while. I really love Snivy, she's my favourite starter since Gen 2 (didn't really like the Gen 3 and 4 starters).