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If someone else wants to host one, it'd be totally fine as long as I'm PMed about it and it's arranged at least like...maybe 4 days before posted? The only thing about that is that I don't want someone running it that I don't think could handle it...cause they do get to be stressful. But I'm totally open to suggestions and such for it, or if someone just wanted to rehash the one from last year, that's fine too. I just need to be notified and it has to be approved first. :)

I wouldn't like a challenge where I gradually release my team though. ;-; That's not Christmas-y! We have to raise baby Jesus Pokemon. Duh.

edit: Oh and if someone else does make an event and their thread is ugly and unattractive, I will totally go through and edit it and make it pretty because events need to look nice imo maybe i'm ocd BYE

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