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^Lol. Wow.

Placeholder, will fill this in as time goes by.

Thread Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplay: Sword Art Online: Infinity Edition- This new Roleplay has attracted quite a bit of attention and intrigue, especially from the older community on PC, which might be a reason for its great quality, and the fact that it would be worthy of a best Rookie Roleplay nomination.

Best Veteran Roleplay: Earth and Sky!: Pokemon Battle Royale!-As of now, one of the current longest lasting active roleplays that have continued to excel and move forward. This is in no small part due to the dedicated Roleplayers apart of the Roleplay. However, the reason they are so dedicated in the first place is because this Roleplay is worthy of such dedication.

Most Original Roleplay:

Member Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplayer:

Most Improved Roleplayer:

Best Game Master: Quto- When an RP lasts as long as it does, credit can definitely go to the RPers, but they wouldn't be posting as much if the GM didn't fuel the plot and continue to move it forward successfully. This seems to be what Quto is doing, making Earth and Sky one of the current longest lasting RPs around.

Best Sign-Up Writer:

Most Helpful Player: Leaf Storm- It's hard to say who is helpful unless they've also helped you. But as far as I know, Leaf Storm has been consistently helpful in the RPD, providing help and direction to newcomers as well as opinions when others begin to flesh out their own RP ideas.

Best Roleplayer: Claire*- A new face around here for me, but she has already left a lasting impression. She combines her exceptional writing ability with her considerable amount of creativity and makes her characters some of the best I've seen. Her character in Pokemon Odyssey: A New Beginning is a perfect example of her attributes as a roleplayer, and how great, and in this case deceptively malevolent, her characters could turn out to be.

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