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    Originally Posted by BroskiRage View Post
    sounds like a game i would play wheres the download link?
    This game has undergone so many changes since the last thread, a fair amount of progress has been made; but it is too soon for a demo currently... I have too much on my mind. I merely opened this thread again to get some discussion going while I was offline.

    Originally Posted by candelariojo View Post
    You mentioned there are 160 obtainable pokemon. Are those going to be taken from all 5 generations??

    About the starters, why not try a different combination of starters. The fire,water,grass is pretty generic. Don't get me wrong i LOVE the hoenn starters(treeko specifically). But how about this combination: Flying, Rock, Fighting. Flying is weak to rock, rock is weak to fighting, fighting is weak to flying. Possible starters: Natu, Mankey, Cranidos. All evolve late 20s or so. I'm not saying this is the only combination but that it would be refreshing to have a well planned change like that.
    Originally Posted by hansiec View Post
    May I suggest some different pokemon trio instead of fire-water-grass?

    (such as flying-ice-fighting)
    Also, may I suggest you put more than just 3 pokemon in? You should give a slightly bigger array to choose from. (Such as mine allows you to choose from more than 12 pokemon)

    Finally, with the menu I gave you it is possible to move the icon of the current menu selection more to the right changing some of the variables I put up for customization. (I am only saying this as I didn't notice the icon at first until I re-looked at the menu)
    Yes, 160 pokemon from all 5 generations, more may be added if necessary.
    I appreciate the ideas but I think I'll stick with the Grass, Fire and Water starters for now, I may however mix the generations of starters slightly.
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