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I've been watching since Pokemon first aired in Australia, but I ended up going on an unexpected hiatus when the Hoenn saga began cos it was always on when I was going to school.

I did get back into watching when Sinnoh started airing and eventually continued into Unova (So far Black & White, and a bit of Rival Destinies) but I have now stopped watching altogether, at least on TV though. This was due to Eleven (the channel that airs Pokemon in Australia. It used to be on Ten, but moved to Eleven as of February 2012) holding off Rival Destinies until February 2013 at least, resulting in endless Sinnoh reruns.

I got sick of the constant Sinnoh reruns trolling me and I now resort to watching episodes online, which was fun cos I also caught up on Hoenn/BF episodes I missed and also watch some of my fave episodes too, as well as the new Rival Destinies episodes.
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