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Sweet! The alchemizer hands me a new Glockblade, with a working trigger and everything. I grab it, and try to fire. A single gunshot shoots through my door, leaving a hole in the wood.

"Whoa! Awesome!" I'm starting to like this game. I better save my bullets...I think this thing holds like ten shots or something. We'll call it nine left. Anyway, time to- whoops. Velocirapter is messaging me.

BV: Whoa whoa whoa. Meet up?
BV: And others?
BV: Are you and "the others'" like, npcs or something?
BV: Or different players who've done this before?
BV: Is that why you know so much?

VC: Um
VC: I'd like to tell you but
VC: I don't want to steer your playthrough!!
VC: You are meant to go about it in your own way!!
VC: But ok yes, we have played SBURB
VC: And things didn't go quite as planned
VC: If we meet, I will tell you more
VC: Where we are now, it is really strange
VC: I'm not sure we are supposed to be here, even
VC: And we keep falling asleep
VC: Even though it's frustrating to lose contact with you, it's actually quite nice, being asleep. Can't explain why.

BV: Uhh okay
BV: Sounds weird but for some reason I feel like i can trust you
BV: Maybe because you're kinda weird yourself
BV: In a good way, though!
BV: Oh, and this is totally irrelevant but are you a boy or a girl?

Who knows? Maybe velocirapter is a cute girl? Anyway, I had work to do. I tab over to my server window, and start playing around. First I place a walkway outside of Candice's huge leads up slightly to a ladder...which leads to another catwalk thing...which leads to her roof. On the roof is a spiral stair case that leads up and another floor which is a huge concrete platform. Just above is what appears to be the sburb logo spiralgraph thingamajig. Its fairly close, but I build a short ladder to make sure Candice can reach it. She just has to touch it, right? I look over my work...jeez, it sure would take a lot of stamina to climb this bad boy. I'm sure Candice's parkour body can get up, though.