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Originally Posted by synerjee View Post
Hi! May I join? :D

Name: synerjee
2 Partner Pokemon:
Why do you want to swim with us?: Water-type pokemon are one of my favourite types! <3
Answer Current topic: Are there any Water type Pokemon you would like to try, that you haven't been able to use yet?
I would like to use Starmie, Lanturn, Lapras and Kingdra. I've heard that they are very strong and reliable.
Welcome to the club synerjee! Hope you'll have fun, and hope to see you stay active in the club ^^ Out of curiousity, what is the exact reason you haven't tried theseo out yet? I know at least Lapras is pretty hard not to get your hands on in whichever first generation game you go through, but I guess it could be either because you haven't owned the games with the specific Pokemon available yet, don't know where they are, or simply didn't want to try them out at the time. Just asking.

The only one I ever recall using out of the four is Lapras, and I'd say, if you have better ones available, then you probably shouldn't use it. I'm not saying it's bad, because offensively, it's actually quite good, but when it comes to defense, its Ice typing generally pushes it way down. It's more of a "quick to get it over with" kind of Pokemon, and for the first generation games where Gyarados and Starmie are the only really good option, it's recommended as a choice, but if you can get other ones, I'd say use those. Don't get me wrong, I love Lapras, it has just let me down one too many times to enjoy it in battle as much anymore. But if you want to, then try it out, it may just be me being as bad as Pokemon as I am dragging it down with me in my pit of fail instead of admitting I'm just bad at the games :
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