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Aron Ultmos

Aron watched as the trainer seemed to instinctively duck underneath the attacks, although he didn't get too much time to say anything as he was knocked over by what had first seemed to be a plant. He then heard a cry of pain from Quintus and looked to see his Alakazam falling onto his back. Quintus looked up from his position, glaring at the Lucario that had just attacked him. Aquos however was in a more vulnerable position with a Sceptile having grabbed hold of him and having a Leaf Blade hovering right next to his throat. Clever boy. It seemed he had baited his own trap. Quite clever indeed. It seemed that the trainer didn't want to battle now, strange. He had the upper hand right now. He could easily get rid of Aquos and take out Quintus as well. Why not do it? Why would he just let him go? It just meant they would have to face each other in the near future once the other competitors had been weeded out. It was a weakness Aron couldn't have, and it did seem that there were still trainers on the island that wanted to keep their moral compasses in check. Fine, he was in a bad position anyway. He could take this lesson and be much more careful next time.

Wordlessly he pulled out Aquos' ball and returned the Golduck and Quintus as well. "Fine. I'll go. I underestimated you. I guess we'll see each other later then." He said as he backed off. He made it to some trees and headed off. He was disappointed of course. A chance to rid himself of another competitor and he blew it. Well, he would have to be more careful next time, although... if he did find someone else around here he could take them by surprise. It all depended on luck though.
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