Thread: Development: Adding [a] new type[s] in gen 3?
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Originally Posted by Ksiazek Bartlomiej View Post
It was possible... Just found by UNLZ-GBA a pointers of ATTACK GRAPHIC and add CRYSTAL <Or somewhat type you want> Whithout ???. Also change in text <By YAPE 0.9> From ??? to CRYSTAL (or another) Name... Also by Attack editor change type of Curse from ??? to GHOST... And presto. New Type Add... I use this <Adding Crystal> To my hack named Pokemon Dirty Sun.
But that doesn't change anything other than the type's name.

You need to set the type effectiveness; you're probably going to need to find where the game stores type effectiveness, and either repoint it to add ??? type in, or fix ???'s data (idk which, i've never looked).

As for the damage, that's probably because the ??? type is never used for attacking, and may not have the same data as the other types in terms of a "standard" type. I'll try to look into what we can do...
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