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    Once apon a time there was an eevee, the eevee was born on a summer night in the kanto region.
    Eevee grew up happy until on day! Eevee's nightmare came true, all his family and friends been caught by newly trainers seeking the kanto land.
    Pore eevee ren away from the unhappyness and terror he just saw with his own eyes.
    Eevee traveld from kanto to jotho, he made some friends with a pichu and a staryu, who traveld with him till they came to hoenn were they been caugth by traveling pokémon trainers.
    In a forest near the sinnoh region Eevee stayed, lonley, hungry and fearfull he lays between the branches dreaming and thinking of his family and friend who he lost by the humans.
    Eevee's ear went up, what did I hear he thought, bouwed to the ground he croutched and eevee froze with big eye's.
    Don't be afraid said a voise, eevee looked around of were the voise came from, but saw nothing.
    Don't be scared said a other voise, eevee began to shiver he thought the humans are there to catch him next.
    But then he saw 2 other pokémon witch he never saw before, Don't worry we won't hurt you said a kind voise.
    Eevee had big eye's behind the 2 pokémon was a human, the human knieled infront of eevee.
    Don't be scared little one the humand said, eevee looked at the 2 pokémon.
    He asked what are you 2 doing why are you with this human and who are you?
    The only thing the human heared was EEVEE, EEV,EEVEE, EEV, EEV EEV, EEVEE, EEV
    The 2 pokémon that came with the human introduced them selfs to eevee, Hi said the pink pokémon, I am mew and this is, mew pointed at leafeon, this is my friend leafeon.
    Eevee looked and smiled, mew said that humans and pokémon ment to be friends and pokémon been caught and that the humans are very good to pokémon.
    Again the human only heard mew, mew,me, mew, me.
    The human scratch his head and he said wel do you wnat to join us little on?
    Eevee stared at mew and leafeon they both shuke there head yes, eevee looked at the human and jumped in his armes.

    -Will eevee be happy once again? We wil know in the next blog of eevee-
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