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Dear An,

i really miss those days..when AG and ploffy were together and LISA HAYES and Sora N posting in last user to post and then grunge and Hero pop in along with ladyshiro who's a very caring person probably that's why she always get heart broken..speak only in action and ban the above person...would you kiss the user above?...Arnold and the phillyflash with his punctuation (i really don't care if i posted that wrong) because this is how i always posted during those days...when i used to log in only three days a week...when i was moonlight the person who didn't know much,i remember when i used to go to my uncle apartment to use my cousin's Laptop as it was easier during the days internet down..when i stayed up for early mornings just for the fun i was having during that time......and you when you used to care much when you argued with mods about avatars and posts and made evil plans for an only boys group and then i joined it before you locked it ..when AD and you talked like two drunk young boys who had no idea what are they talking about....when World of shadows and city of ghosts...and Naka academy.....when those were my first steps on the internet..first steps as a known person....with lots of loving friends around!..with happy and sad moments...i really miss those days and how those people used to you still remember that!?

memories are more important than the place what makes us have the will to stay or leave since then i've changed to the worse probably!or to the better maybe? but i'll never regret going through all that!...i won't

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