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Originally Posted by Heracles4 View Post
I'm in the very early planning stage of a fic...Don't have a plotline yet, just a partial general idea..

There is a person that is not a trainer. Said person for some reason, travels around their region(Preferably a region with a higher amount of forests or rivers) Said person has colleagues in his/her proffession. Said person, while going about their way in the normal going-ons of their profession, stumbles upon an illegal organization. Said organization, though illegal, is intertwined with goverment and popular society. Said person, along with several colleagues, has to find a way to dismantle the organization, without help of of the public or the goverment(Or rest of the goverment, in case said person is a goverment official)
There is potential in having a Pokemon fic based on a character who is not a trainer, given it is not often seen in general. I would warn to make sure that the story itself is something that wouldn't work fine if you removed all references of Pokemon in it (ie as an original story); if it's a Pokemon fic it's got to involve stuff that is relevant to Pokemon itself, be it say a set up of how you think the Pokemon world would work (what with government and all), the organisation doing something illegal that relates to Pokemon, etc.

What sort of profession does 'said person' have, do you think?
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