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    Name: Alexander"The Vampire" Michael Collins
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Alex, despite being extremely active, has very pale skin consistent to that of notebook paper which leads people to jokingly call him a Vampire. Standing at nice height of six feet and three inches, this slender young man is taller than most his friends. His slate green eyes help to rid people of actually being suspicious of him being a vampire but then again his coldest glare is enough to shut most people up. The boy has never been one to cut his hair so as a result his wavy caramel brown hair extends to his shoulders.

    As if to complete the air of unapproachability about him, the teen has a penchant for dark clothing. Specifically Alex favors a black leather jacket which both helps keep him warm and keeps his shirt an obscurity. As if that wasn't enough the teen's waist are decked out in white leather pants with various pointless looping crimson belts. As if that wasn't the nail in the coffin(drumroll please?) Black combat boots adorn his feet.
    Personality: Despite the way it might seem, Alex is simply shy and introverted. Instead of attempt to confront his insecurities, Alex hides behind a mask of ice and indifference to drive a wedge between him and others. In all reality the boy has low self-esteem and doesn't think much of himself. In social situations this leads him to cling to the background and not bring attention to himself. A smug smirk is always upon his face, as if he believes himself to be better than someone, so he can seem cool despite the fact that he feels inferior in general.

    Once a person manages to push past the mask and befriend him, Alex is an extremely loyal friend. The boy is extremely kind and will cling to the few friends he gains. This youth fears being left alone which leads him to cling to his friends like glue. One of his more notable habits is running his hands through his hair when he feels anxious. Due to his generally introverted nature, Alex turns to his academics and hopes for high marks.
    Background: Born and Raised in Eastern Kentucky, Alex only has a vague memory of his birth parents. When he was just three years old his parents were involved in a car wreck on their way through Louisville, Kentucky on a work related trip. Alex was watching TV in his room blissfully unaware while his babysitter watched the news in the adjacent room. It wasn't long before Alex was sent to Foster Care due to his parent's death where he was shuffled between family to family up until the age of ten where he was finally adopted. Needless to say his time in the Foster Care system had a major effect on his growth and development as he slowly came to believe that no one wanted to adopt him because he was completely inferior to the other kids his age.

    Finally on Alex's tenth birthday, Alex was adopted by a kind couple with two kids his age. His new life with his new family was, at first anyways, extremely enjoyable. It wasn't till a few months later, however, that his thoughts kept returning to his birth parents. He couldn't even remember their faces anymore after all of that time and that bothered him immensely so much that he became detached from his new family though no one caught onto it. Everyone just assumed that he was naturally introverted because they never knew what happened to his family. Things seemed normal on the surface because he got good grades in school so his adopted family never asked.

    Speaking of good grades, on Alex's seventeenth birthday he received a Riolu egg from his parents which hatched a few weeks later. Around that time Alex began receiving dreams in which a strange figure covered in fog and mist seemed to be beckoning to him. The dreams were strange to say the least and didn't make much sense, leaving many questions behind with no answers. It was also around this time that Alex realized that he could fly on accident. He and his family were taking a hike up a mountain when they finally reached the top of the mountain. In a sheer act of desperation and stupidity, Alex charged to stop Zephyr from walking off the edge only to end up falling off with the poor frightened Riolu clutched tightly in his arms. Creaking his eyes opening, Alex realized that they had stopped falling and were now hovering in midair. Needless to say Alex was freaked out but he did his best to fly himself and his pokemon back up. A week later Alex announced to his family that he intended to travel the globe in order to find more out about himself and his abilities.
    Legend: Rayquaza
    Powers: Flight- Exactly as it sounds, Alex is capable of soaring through the sky with skill and grace. As a result Alex's lungs have adapted to areas of high elevation where the oxygen is sparse.


    Nickname: Zephyr
    Species: Lucario
    Level: 14
    Moves: Swords Dance, Metal Claw, Blaze Kick, and Force Palm
    Personality: A very loyal pokemon who is extremely excitable.
    Background: Zephyr and Alex met a few weeks after Alex's seventeenth birthday when he hatched from his egg. Quickly the two bonded where Alex played the older brother type role in the young pokemon's eyes and Zephyr filled the empty filling withing Alex's heart. After several weeks of training Alex's family decides to take a hike up a moment. Up at the top Zephyr, being young and unaware of the dangers associated with heights, peered out over the edge which result in the young pokemon getting knocked off balance. Alex tried to stop him but they both ended up falling only for Alex's power of flight to assist them. Overjoyed that they didn't die, Zephyr evolved into a Lucario upon being placed back upon the ground.

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