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Woah you made it much more intense! :D

And yeah, i was thinking about that. Like if you were to get "green" and "ice-type." Near impossible except for abomasnow and castform, and those two are pushing it. SO the rules need to be general, and there need to be some exceptions, but I think it's pretty easy to figure out! :D

Some rules could be....

  • green
  • red
  • white
  • ice-type
  • grass-type
  • in wild must be able to hold item (presents)
  • if it faints it dies
  • must be related to presents: delibird, chansey, etc...?
  • "store bought" (so: man-made non-organic pokemon like magnemite or porygon)
  • still a child (must be NFE, no non-evolvers)
  • mistletoe (pokemon must have a kissing related move. Or must be a Jynx/Smoochum)
  • Hannukah (must learn a different fire-type attack after each gym. Or must be a chandelure/litwick/lampent)
And those are just now, off the top of my head. :)