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    Hey everyone

    I'm making a game called "Pokemon Mint"!

    It is a hack of Pokemon Emerald and will have all new maps as well as (hopefully) new Pokemon!
    I am currently using Advanced Map and something called pksvui

    I need all the contributions I can get!

    A list of things I need to know how to do:
    Make Pokemon sprites and be able to put them in the world eg. Pokemon like mew can be seen without battling.
    Make Pokemon sprites to be able to battle in the wild
    Make a new map(like one that you see with the town map in pokenav)
    Change the title screen(where it says Pokemon Emerald)
    Make new items

    If you know any programs that any of these please post links

    SO far some shots of the game are in the attachments!


    Happy Hacking
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