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Photon decks are kind of bad, but yes, if they weren't bad then Orbital 7'd be okay as a tutor. The Heraldic Beasts have interesting utility but no real way to make the engine work (they have some nice support cards, definitely, though). Flaming Stars is basically Horn of the Phantom Beast MK-II: beat things in battle, get advantage. Pyrorex, like every other Elemental Lord (including Dark Armed Dragon the Elemental Lord), is very good by itself as long as you can summon it (though there's no other remotely playable FIRE deck other than Lavals, so...).

Slushy sucks. The entire reason it's bad is because it takes too long to setup and is completely useless without playing more useless cards. Genex Atlantean Mermail cannot forgive this decline in card quality, and there aren't really any good level 5+ Sea Serpents to summon anyway (Abyssmegalo really doesn't count :s).


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