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Roen52 and DeLaMuerte you both are accepted!

Finished SU. Enjoy!

[Spoiler]"The abyss and I had a staring contest once. I won because someone turned on the light."


Name: Zoran "Zora" Nishant (Zoran is the male equivalent of the name "light of dawn",while Zora is the feminine version)
Age: 13
Gender: Female these days, though hasn't said no to being called a boy


Zoran is young but attractive in her own way. The figure is only beginning to curve into an hourglass and blossom out, leaving someone caught between child and adult, as well as boy and girl. Her expression is constantly childlike, a cherubic face with wide honey-hazel eyes on creamy dark skin, like light coffee. Lean and nimble, she is a black leopard with little kitten clumsiness, particularly in her expressions. This innocence is most certainly a lie so be careful, you might lose your wallet... or something else. Her tiny figure hides strength, but not very much. She has never been a very physical person. Her skin is also badly scarred, many overlapping bands of slightly pink skin covering her arms and legs like thorns. One in particular is almost a perfect sphere centered on her stomach. That one is a long story, one she will not talk about. Her hair is a sleek, shiny black, one that travels almost to her waist, particularly since it is rarely tied up. She forgets to be honest.

Zora wears rather plain, boyish clothing. It isn't to hide her gender. It is simply looser and easier to work with when keeping her scars and such private information. Her long-sleeved shirt is dark blue and the threads are starting to unravel. She really needs new clothes. Her pants are black jeans that end just at her ankles, which she sometimes switches for a grey skirt. That is only for formal events because it is annoying to climb trees in a skirt. Her shoes are always simple gym shoes no matter the occasion, which she really does to purposely aggravate certain people. They deserve it anyway.


Zora's about as sweet as vinegar. Precisely. Oh she can be shy and nice, but it's rare and unreliable. Just like her moral compass, which doesn't care about things like lives. That may be her mother's fault but she's really stopped wondering about it. Oddly enough, Zora does not stand up for herself. This isn't the simple female submissiveness; this is the "my life is expendable" sort of passiveness. Oh if she's really in danger, she'll save herself out of necessity but for the most part even if you kick her down and completely and utterly destroy her, she will not react much at all. Harm the people she believes are worth life for however and you will get into a dangerous hell of a fight, one that will probably end with you as a drooling mass on the ground or very possibly dead. Very little actually scares her, aside from her mother, Aura, and fire. Most things actually entice her curiosity and she goes to explore them, especially at the thought of danger. She doesn't throw herself in headfirst however. No she throws someone else in.

She is nothing if not clever, Zoran Nishant.

She is also very playful, almost never missing an opportunity to tease or make a witty comment. She loves to smile kindly as she does this, as well as when she imitates people's voices. It annoys people to death. Zora rarely swears too, possibly out of habit. Zoran loves to play games, almost as much as Doom, though hers are a lot less humane. She makes almost everything a game, which leads her to disregard the feelings of other people as anything other than factors to include, even her own. Despite liking to play she sticks to the outskirts of it, twisting things from the sidelines. Remember how I said her moral compass is wrong? This ties into it. It is so off it is playing her like a fiddle, because her shadows do that. This forces her to have an extreme amount of self-control... when the time is right. Otherwise she'd blow up her hometown for fun. Or steal from a bakery.

Zoran is ferociously protective of her sister, ghost thing aside, and her involvement in anything remotely harmful is prone to creating an instantly homicidal girl. In fact, the tightly controlled emotions she usually has go completely out of control when it comes to Zaria. The ghost is the only blood family she has left that hasn't tried to kill her... that she recalls. She takes death threats with a grain of salt but still. Best to be safe than sorry. Or a puddle. Yes a puddle isn't good either. This tends to make her very vulnerable but hey, that's normal for her.

Also, she loves anything adorable. This is kept firmly under wraps... for the most part.

By the way, be careful mentioning the topic of moms around her. She gets very jittery and quiet, oddly evasive and meek. It takes a while to get her back to semi-normal. It is almost as bad as her fear of fire, which includes a miniature panic attack and the room suddenly getting darker and colder. Yes I know she has a Fire type. Don't question it.


Zoran was born in Independence, Idaho to a semi-rich family. I say that because any of the particular valuables were made by hand and never sold if they could help it, such as any of the glass. Her father was a glassmaker and her mother... well, it was best not to ask exactly what she did. Amrita Nishant was fond of her secrets that woman was. It was actually Zoran's father who brought the Houndoom. Yes really. Anyway, these parents were very busy and often had their daughter in the care of the family of one Mickey Anderson. Funnily enough, those two absolutely hated each other until a funny incident with a skateboard and a banister. Even more oddly, their abilities woke up around similar times, supposedly due to the meddlings of Zoran's mother. It wasn't pretty to say the least, nor was the effort to control them in a facility (one of many) for something called Dawn of all things.

But I'm getting slightly ahead of myself. There was an important meeting before the whole Dawn fiasco, the meeting of a young hyper girl named Ashara Harris. Hoo boy, that was a doozie. She was the one who brought the two of them together... and was also the reason they got sent to the Dawn facilities in the first place. But that's her story, not Zoran's. And Zoran's story includes that of someone else; her baby sister. Zaria is also an important character to this ongoing tale. Mostly because she's dead. Yes, dead. It's quite complicated.

Why is this important character dead? Well, there's a multitude of events that starts when the entire Dawn Project was abruptly shut down by a large explosion that included leaving Zoran in a coma. It's a long story. She did eventually wake up, her powers having apparently enjoyed themselves while she was unconscious. They didn't exactly calm down afterward. In fact, it led to her knocking down one of her parents' chandeliers... onto her mother. She does not exactly remember this however so please don't pry too far. This created a fire which the two siblings barely escaped alive with the help of Doom's handy Flash Fire. Having no relatives to contact, they were taken in by Mickey's family. (reluctantly of course, Mrs. Anderson is a strange woman.) A couple years passed, the most important event occurring being Zaria's murder in an alley and subsequent transformation into a ghost. No, Zoran has not had a very peaceful life. School was actually the best part, what with being generally left alone.

Mickey was a wonderful friend during these troubled times, what with Ashara having disappeared off of the face of the planet and all that. It was thanks to him that her emotions took a more stable turn, ensuring a semi-normal life. At least, until the dreams.

Legend: Giratina
Powers: Zoran has a tendency to play in the dark, or play anywhere. Her shadows are a rather babbling, shattered part of her psyche. It gives her the ability to use shadows and mirrors to move around areas, causing her to disappear for ages at a time into another world if she's not careful. She can also attack from these or bring people through them. I do not recommend letting her do this without permission. Her other abilities are offensive, manipulating the dark, including in one burst of complete and utter disarray of the mind tether hersister's soul to him. Unfortunately these abilities leave her quite unhinged, never turning off and constantly attacking her head. Power comes at a cost after all. And the deeper she falls, the more the power plays.


Nickname: Doom
Species: Houndour
Level: 15
Moves: Reversal, Smog, Howl, Flamethrower
Personality: Doom is a silly old fellow, ten years old and still like a pup. He has quite a lot of energy within him and loves to play. Taking very little seriously, he is quick to lecture with a joyful bark and a game of fetch. Loyal by default, the creature takes his duties to protecting his pack as the only thing that really matters. It's the only thing that gets his hackles up. Even battles where he could get hurt, he runs the field like a playpen. Just hope you aren't a chicken.

Doom is a very good dog, hard working when he needs to be and a fluffy pillow otherwise. He loves people and being social and will be the one to comfort and care about others. Despite his silliness, he is very wise, ensuring him a chance to say surprisingly smart things when he tries. Most of the time he doesn't though. His temper is frightening and rather prone to inducing tunnel vision. He will not care if you are friend or foe, if you are in the way of protecting Zora he will not hesitate.

Background: Doom was hatched for Zora when the girl was three years old, raised from a pack of Houndoom that had been guarding the Nishant family supposedly for generations. Why? To keep her quiet and occupied and safe. Children aren't really well-liked in her area. Therefore he was to keep the little girl either out of sight or somewhere else. And that was what he did. It was this that lead to him learning play and protect as a nearly synonymous deal. He was also around for a majority of the events that shaped the girl's odd, awkward existence. He tends to keep quiet about those, Doom does. While he is worried for her and her lack of tears, he prefers to stick to the positives of life, such as learning to play fetch with Pokemon or living things, or getting to run through fields of wheat. Doom has no experience living in the wild so things such as the RDM or Knights are rather befuddling to him whenever they happened to advertise themselves in Idaho. He just barked at them until they went away. They were scaring the baby Starly.

Nickname: Sparx
Species: Shinx
Level: 12
Moves: Ice Fang, Thunderbolt, Leer, Tackle
Personality: Sparx is a vain kit. It's hard to find one quite as self-centered as prideful as the little one here. She means well, but she is also very high strung and expects to win with nothing less than a graceful, beautiful victory. She is hard to win over but once you do, she's yours forever. Quick tempered and ferociously defensive of her feelings and loved ones, there is no limit to how far she will go for Zoran. She knows her utter faith in her Pokemon and Sparx is determined not to let her down. She is also a more delicate eater, almost dainty. A bit of an attention seeker, she will bother anyone for a pet on the head.

Sparx is smart but she does know better than to not rely on her instincts. So that is exactly what she does, trusts her nose and ears and sense and prays. Using anything else seems like folly. Also, do not insult her trainer. She will not let it go, not now, not for a long time. You'll be lucky if your hand works after she's through with you.

Background: Sparx was caught by a young Ashara Harris on an early journey. It had been her own fault really, wandering away from the litter when she was too young to be able to fight. Sparx was easily caught by a Charmander and given to a little girl named Zaria for her birthday. However, Zaria died, leaving her in the hands of her other sibling. It was that or be released and she actually ran away for a few days of misery. The little girl treated her kindly after all. Yet despite the new freedom, she returned, messy and bruised, but a little better in the soul.
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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