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    Programs Needed:
    MS Paint
    VBA (To ensure your new sprite appears properly in-game)

    Welcome to my tutorial! Here I will show you the absolute easiest, least time-consuming way (in my opinion) to insert new pokemon, trainers, berries, maps and any other sprite you wish!

    Step 1: Readying the Image
    *You may skip Step 1 if your sprite is of proper size and is indexed

    To begin, you need to ensure three things are true about your sprite:
    The sprite's background is not used anywhere else in the sprite
    No more than 16 colors are used (including background color)
    The size is correct for what you are using it for
    To make sure your sprite is the right size, just know that it is 64x64 pixels big, and a worldmap is 256x160 pixels.

    Open up the image in IrfanView now. Go to Image>Decrese Color Depth>16 Colors. Then, go to File>Save. Where it says "Save as type", change it to say PNG. Now the other box that came up when you clicked 'Save' should have changed. Check of the first checkmark that says "save transparent color", then click save. Click the images background, and save again, just uncheck "save transparent color", and close the image. It's now ready to be inserted!

    Step 2: Inserting the Image
    Now that your image is indexed, open up your ROM in unLZ.GBA and go to the sprite you wish to replace.
    Click "Import", and import your new image. Then, click "write to ROM", and it will be there. However, the color will be off. We fix this in the next step!

    Step 3: Fixing the Images Color
    There are two ways to do this, If you truly care about shiny sprites, go to the next part of Step 3 (large text further down in this spoiler) If you don't care much about shiny sprites, this way is much faster and easier.

    Open up NSE and find the image you inserted, and Open up the same properly-colored sprite in MS paint.
    In both programs, use the eye dropper and select the same pixel (Not in the background)
    In paint, click 'Edit Colors' and in NSE, go to the pallette>edit current>edit>define custom colors. Now copy the numbers in Sat, Hue, and Lum from paint into NSE and save that color. That color is now saved properly. Do this until every color is fixed. Then close paint, and open the pallet in NSE and choose the first color there. Choose the paint bucket, make that color your background. Lastly, Save the pallet and the ROM (Pallet>Edit Current>Save Pallet to ROM, and File>Save) Your sprite now has the right color!

    If shiny Sprites are of your concern:
    Open your sprite in NSE and in Paint, and locate the main colors of your sprite. Ie, Voltorb is Red and White. Open up the pallet viewer in NSE and edit the color on the far right. Make it the darkest shade of a color you have, ie the darkest red pixel on Voltorb. To do this, copy the Sat, Hue, and Lum of the color in paint to the pallet editor in NSE. With the next pixel from the right, make it the next darkest shade of the same color. When you finish with this color, start on the next one, until every color (excluding background) is in the pallet. Now just put the colors where they are supposed to be in the sprite, and save both the pallet and the ROM. See another sprite,and return to yours to see the difference. From experience, I know the shiny sprite has a much more appealling pallet if you do it this way.

    Step 4: Testing The Sprites
    This step isn't necessary, but I recommend it. Make a trainerbattle script involving your new trainer, an event in which you battle your new poke sprite, etc, and see that it works. Now you're finished!
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