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Originally Posted by Riansky View Post
This is looking really great! Is the map distortion thing programed? Looks amazing! Can't wait for more updates!
That was just a little thing I did for halloween. Not in the actual game. :P

Originally Posted by Skyy View Post
Yay finally found this thread. Thank you for giving me the link to it. This game looks amazing. Everything is beautiful about it ( :
I would love to use a Vulpix. Never used one before.
Can't wait to see more updates. Keep up the fantastic work.
Thanks thanks thanks!

Originally Posted by BlorkGlork View Post
This could be a top contender vs Phoenix Rising, Garnet, And Blue Chrome. If there is time put into the game. Keep At It
Thank you.

Screenshot of the week! (That's now temporarily a thing)

What is this?
Rather than having 3 starters, I'm going to have several "starter packs" that you can choose from. (Kanto pack, Johto pack, etc.)
Atomic Reactor, the developer of the amazing fan game Pokémon Obsidian, let me use his starter in the Obsidian Starter Pack! I'll probably reveal the starter packs later on in another update.