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It's... kinda effective?
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If they didn't want to risk breaking PC, then why did was it attempted in the first place?

Imo, if its more donations PC needs then we should make most/all of the additional skins a supporters benefit. Pick 10 or so at random, let those be avaliable to all but then have all the additional ones as a supporters benefit.

I'm willing to bet that there would be a fair amount of people willing to pay a bit to unlock that. It works with blogs, would work with this too.

Another idea, offer the @pokecommunity.whatever email address for $whatever a month. Odd's are, your going to have a small amount of people go for that. I'm willing to bet that there are people who like pokemon enough to pay a dollar or so a month just for that email.

Edit - Hell, you could even charge for a namechange itself. Just pick a few days out of the year, announce name changes for $1 or whatever, and do them then.

Seriously. These are ideas off the top of my head, and I'm sure that someone could think of more.