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    Crushing Hammer takes away from the offensive take on this deck. The need to use Sableye to recycle the cards forces you to risk giving up a prize during the turn that your opponent can use to recover, especially since smart use of N can set you back a turn. Removing them would open up room for more options in the deck or to strengthen existing lines. I suggest adding two supporters, an Ultra Ball, and a Rare Candy. The Super Rod ought to be replaced with a Sableye to strengthen your early game set up. Level Ball should be removed for two Max Potion because it fits so well with the deck's strategy and is probably the one card that the Hydreigon varient of a Darkrai deck can use better than any other. Shaymin EX, Mewtwo EX, a Rare Candy, a Pokemon Catcher, or a Dark Patch could be swapped for more Max Potion, Eviolite, or Sigilyph.
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