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    It depends on how they plan on remaking the game, but generally i'm fine with any remake.

    If it's an HD remake, I expect a higher quality game with game breaking and annoying bugs/glitches to be fixed and to retain the exact same concepts as the original. (gameplay, storyline, etc) So far all HD remakes have done this.

    If it's a fresh remake, then I expect the developers to label the game as so, which means maintaining the original name and adding something else to easily indicate it is a "spin-off". If a company wants to go in that direction and continue developing their fresh remake into future titles, then they can. Making connections to the older entries such as easter eggs, references, or possibly a character is fine. Also, sometimes some of the concepts are too complicated or taken too far, and it results in a disappointing game. Most of the time, the remade game will never be as good as the classic game, because it doesn't have the same value as the older games.

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