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To Everyone:
I updated the main post with a txt file in the releases section, it's a list of the level in each area, sorted by area, wild levels, and trainer levels in ranges(usually about 5).

Originally Posted by PokemonGiratinaX View Post
If then, I would changed it. It will be these one:

Trainer Type: Cool Trainer
Trainer Name: Haze
Where to put: Victory Road
Pokemon on team: Dragonite LV68, Arcanine LV65 and Gyarados LV67.
The team is fine, but I'll assume you'll be okay with me adding levels to them about 5 each, then it would be in the range with 73, 70, and 72. Sorry, I'm OCD, so I like to have everything perfect, but just like I said, I assume you'll be fine with the +5 plan.
Sorry if I'm frustrating you.