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Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
Pretty sure all you need here for voter ID is anything formal that has your name on it.

One option is to present any kind of goverment-issued ID that has your name, picture, and address on it. Driver's license, passport, health card, whatever.

Option two is to present two pieces of authorized identification. So one would be a birth certificate (who doesn't have that?) and two is anything else that has your name on it (a bill, a credit card, a statement of government benefit, anything that says you exist).

It really isn't hard.

The problem is how they tried to push it through for this election cycle. The amount of voting fraud that exists is minuscule and I think it is very apparent that a lot more could have been negatively impacted given such short notice.

Set up now for the next time around, for sure. Just makes sense
Our troops should sue so that Obama can't suppress their votes. Lawsuits should also be filed over the fixing of voting machines that Obama-backing union workers were hired to "service", as well as allowing illegals to vote. He did not win a second term legitimately.
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