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Originally Posted by Yoshikkko View Post
lol I would have noticed. is there a dislike button?
Originally Posted by droomph View Post
no, not yet at least. Audy has more ~secret government projects~ to tackle before he gets to it I think.
Horray, spending time rehashing something we had in the past, and was removed.

Really. If that is what is planned, then its going to be a cheap knock-off of the Rep system. Seriously, this + post comments = stripped down rep system.

Edit - Forum is so big because of all the junk/useless data we keep. The PM system has a pm limit to limit junk data, VM system lacks this. And, we also keep most/all of the permabanned accounts. Pure trash data, waste of resources that could be better used elsewhere.

Edit - Speaking of junk data, I've got ~200 pm's. Dating back to 06. And I'm sure that there are others with the same exact thing. The PM system has the option to backup pm's in text form, and any very important ones can be saved as screenshots.

Basically, we need a yearly wipe of the pm and vm systems. Might as well make it full circle, and include the old post comments as well. (Edit - And the permabanned accounts)

While the wiping could take the forums offline for a while, removing the junk data would be helpful long term.