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    Originally Posted by WarriorCat View Post
    To Everyone:
    I updated the main post with a txt file in the releases section, it's a list of the level in each area, sorted by area, wild levels, and trainer levels in ranges(usually about 5).

    The team is fine, but I'll assume you'll be okay with me adding levels to them about 5 each, then it would be in the range with 73, 70, and 72. Sorry, I'm OCD, so I like to have everything perfect, but just like I said, I assume you'll be fine with the +5 plan.
    Sorry if I'm frustrating you.
    No, I'am not frustrated. Sorry if I'am making you busy. Btw, this is it (Again.)

    Trainer Type: Cool Trainer
    Trainer Name: Haze
    Where to put: Victory Road
    Pokemon on team: Dragonite LV73, Arcanine LV75, Gyarados LV74 and Charizard LV73